Why we must say no to the NHTSA proposed rear guard regulation!

NHTSA claims 93% of trailers on the road will already meet the requirements. NHTSA claims 1 life saved! Due to positive results from crash tests at IIHS we feel over the course of two years to implement the regulation that voluntary compliance of new guards will improve to 97% or 98%. We will be implementing a new rear guard regulation that only marginally improves guards on 2 or 3 percent of trailers! We can only get these new regulations every twenty years or so, we will be forcing the use of current guards with no changes for the next twenty years! Our vehicle fleet will be changing to electric propulsion of various sorts, we will see self driving cars, we will see printed cars, we will see aluminum that is strong as titanium, and we will see high strength plastic bodies and frames. We have not crash tested enough trucks and vans, we have not crash tested battery packs and hydrogen tanks. We will be forcing only stiff guards, no energy absorbing guards under this regulation. We will be forcing 22 inch high guards, this will block for twenty years the use of 16 inch guards that we prefer. This will protect guillotine guards from legal challenge and harm victim lawsuits.

This new rule will block us from guards that truly save lives and meet our required Vision Zero criteria for twenty years.

We must demand Vision Zero regulatory process. We must demand major changes or demand NHTSA repeal this pro-corporation give away!