What about underride car fires and public and driver education?

It is not uncommon for fuel leaks to occur and cause fires when cars underride big trucks and trailers. Can we avoid people burning to death unnecessarily? Why the public silence from NTSB and U.S. DOT? We must insure adequate fire extinguishers are on-board and available to the public. They must be well labeled and retrievable from unlocked areas. Truck drivers must be criminally prosecuted when they fail to give assistance and directions. We need public education on underride fires and accessing and using fire extinguishers on trucks. We need testing to determine when fires are out of control and survivors are burning to death if towing the car out from under the truck or trailer with the trucks tow chain or driving the truck forward would move the car from danger and the fuel spill area. We need to look at fire extinguisher adequacy or maybe requiring carrying two extinguishers. We need input from experts in crash extraction and rescue, speak out! NTSB you have shown courage finally in underride and forward collision avoidance technology, let us look at fire rescue!

It appears from this page that moving the truck or trailer is possible as an emergency measure. What is the criteria public and driver should use in a decision to move the vehicles to avoid fire etc.? http://www.firehouse.com/forums/t130278/

Underride extraction powerpoint slides pdf http://www.arro.org.au/_dbase_upl/2010_iRescue_Heavy_Vehicle_Under-Over_Ride.pdf