Web is finally paying attention to pedestrian safety!

Today is the anniversary of my late wife Tamara Hadley’s death under an illegally parked semi-truck and I was heartened to see some attention paid to a safety issue all but ignored here in America. I hope we as victim/survivors remember that over a million victims have been killed and injured here in the U.S. and we do not solely look at our own losses. It is too often in media that the story is about a single perfect victim and the mass devastation is quickly forgotten! Speak out for all those whom we have lost, we have a shared story and that is the tragedy.

Europe has paid more attention to pedestrian safety due to greater density and less wide open space than here in the U.S. but our walking and biking populations are increasing, we have big cities, too! Unprotected road users have been the forgotten casualties and effective safety research has provided needed technology but it is useless if not placed into production vehicles. That needs to change. Saving lives costs very little and vehicle manufacturers have a moral obligation to society. Stop killing people!

If you have not seen the technology news site called Tree Hugger I highly recommend it. They are quickly becoming a leading transportation safety news site with articles on pedestrian and bicycle safety which means SUV and truck safety coverage as related issues. They ask questions that always leave you thinking and have an interested public discussion audience.






Thanks Tree Hugger!