Victims of higher speed underrides do not give awards for murder for profit.

We have recently seen safety groups and crash testing organizations giving kudos and awards for stiff 35 mph rear underride guards. Industrial conglomerates including large retail chains, truck and trailer manufacturers, and car makers have been given permission to kill a certain number of citizens on an annual basis for decades in the U.S. because they could show a profit in it. They have refused since around 1990 to install energy absorbing guards that would save thousands of lives each and every year as the cost to kill is less than the cost to save. The government regulators and crash testing organizations have crash tested at 30 mph and now 35 mph giving cover to killing the thousands of victims that die in crashes at more common speeds such as on highways at 50 plus mph. Higher speed victims do not wish awards be given for guards that would kill or did kill our relatives, this publicly excuses the murder in our eyes of our loved ones by rich corporate government political donors. These kudos and awards are an insult to our lost loved ones memories.