Victims demand NHTSA and U.S. DOT must adopt Vision Zero safety regulatory philosophy.


Vision Zero states that the loss of human life and health is unacceptable and therefore the road transport system should be designed in a way that such events do not occur. This means that safety is a more important area than other issues in the road transport system (except for health-related environmental issues). Mobility therefore should follow from safety and cannot be obtained at the expense of safety.

With the advent of Vision Zero, says Tingvall, came the realization that mobility and safety are not mutually exclusive. “We as people today, I think we are not willing to sacrifice one thing for another benefit. Or that some should sacrifice so that someone else is getting a benefit. That time is over.”

“Life and health can never be exchanged for other benefits within the society”.

“Whenever someone is killed or seriously injured, necessary steps must be taken to avoid a similar event”.

NHTSA places profit of small businesses over the lives of trucking victims and their families, NHTSA claims democracy must be sacrificed to small business simplicity and cost savings. Lives of the aged and un-belted and those lost at higher speeds are not even worth counting. Desire and safety of the populace has no bearing. Underride Guard technology is held to 1950’s levels to protect small business versus societal benefits.

Rear Guard NPRM must be rejected as it completely violates victim’s demanded Vision Zero philosophy minimum requirements.