Vehicle crash compatibility of big trucks and trailers and new car obstacle detection systems reports:

2 million tractor trailers

3.5 million working truck drivers

Trucking industry estimated Total revenue 255.5 billion

The United States Department of Transportation estimates that over 500,000 truck accidents occur every year.

How many trailers are sold in the U.S.? Approximate average of 280,000 per year

Once again the automobile and trucking industries refuse to make big trucks and trailers compatible with other vehicles that share the roadway. Millions of new car obstacle detection systems will have to be reprogrammed or redesigned with possible less safety in their operation and function due to the refusal of big trucks and trailers to use side protection in the form of underride guards to make them more crash compatible with other vehicles. They refuse to align rear guards at optimum heights of most car bumpers that would improve vehicle crash compatibility. Why have no so-called safety activists called for the truck and trailer industries to install radar targets under the estimated 280,000 new U.S. trailers sold every year and that number excludes a vast number of new trucks.

There has been an argument that Tesla was risking lives by beta testing new technology on the roadways that has had 1 or 2 fatalities. Trucking has had tens of thousands of fatalities and is beta testing 2 million tractor trailers on our roadways with trailers that might have underride guards that were only crash tested to 30 mph while real world crashes regularly occur above 60 mph. They are beta testing trailers with no bumpers or side guards that are invisible to car and truck obstacle detection technology. NHTSA is not concerned and has not launched an investigation. Consumer Reports and others have not even mentioned these safety shortcomings and dangerous public beta tests in their articles.

Should we weaken self driving and obstacle detection systems in all new cars and trucks or regulate vehicle compatibility for trucks and trailers to require either side underride guards or radar targets be installed? The Underride Network for the safety of the American traveling public recommends the latter.