Underride Roundtable promotes weak and low-speed tests and guards

Victims from the Underride Network Blog were not able to access the Underride Roundtable so we will not be able to report on it, it is our understanding that parked underride victims as always will not be represented. Government and vendors meeting together without families whom paid for access with the lives of their loved ones, we are used to this, this is how democracy works now. We found more State DOT’s reporting non-enforcement of truck parking which kills people in horrible rear underride crashes. Why should the public pay for parking areas for shippers and receivers? Payola to Congress and the Federal Government! Roadways above 25 mph equal fatal crashes with current and many proposed rear underride guards, remember parking above 25 mph is more lethal than drinking and driving!! The Federal government cares so much about unsafe truck parking victims that they have no laws against high speed and shoulder parking on Interstate Highways.

The Truck Underride Roundtable will be held on Thursday, May 5, 2016 (9:00 AM to 3:00 PM) at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Vehicle Research Center in Ruckersville, VA. Researchers, government officials and industry leaders gather to discuss truck underride crashes and how to reduce the risks for passenger vehicle occupants. We will explore the scope of the problem and how regulation and voluntary action can help address it. In a crash test, IIHS researchers will demonstrate how underride protection has already improved.

This Roundtable is packed with government, safety organizations, insurance industry, and guard vendors that support low-speed guards and phony guards or skirts that fail to protect passengers and children in cars. NYC has replaced the definition of side guards with the definition of side skirts, one saves only vulnerable road users and the other with sufficient strength is meant to protect all road users. They will even perform a public low-speed crash test promoting the lie that low-speed stiff guards are an improvement from 47 mph guards on the roads since the 1990’s that absorb energy and will save thousands more victims such as the MUARC guards from Australia. Media has allowed this stiff guard propaganda that an hour-long Google search shows to be false.

When we crash test guards at 30 to 35 mph we get guards for 50 years that perform at 30 to 35 mph. When you try something over and over and over again and get a negative result, why would you continue this activity. If we crash test guards at high speeds perhaps we will see guards that perform at high speeds. The FHWA tests crash attenuators in 62.2 mph crash tests (Real World Crash Speeds) and attenuators protect cars and trucks in crashes at 62.2 mph and more!

The Truck Safety Coalition claims to require regulations that require energy-absorbing guard designs while promoting on their website a stiff guard design only tested with similar guards to 35 mph, not an high-speed guard design. Recently, the TSC attacked the Underride Network and disclosed that they were forming their own Underride Network type organization that will only be U.S. based and not international. A Board member ordered the Underride Network not to mention the Truck Safety Coalition again.

We have dissolved the Underride Network under this pressure as we need to have more freedom to speak out and tell the truth that U.S. media covers up. We can speak without pressure as a Truth in Truck Safety Blog which will speak for all victims not just good victims such as TSC’s public use of only no fault victims, ignoring a majority of trucking victims while claiming to speak for all trucking victims. TSC limits most victim statements and lobbying to fatigue and size and weight issues that are favored by the trucking unions and present only a minor percentage of U.S. victims issues. We believe these public attacks were in response to Underride Network opposition to Truck Safety Coalition and U.S. DOT deal to support low-speed 30 mph Canadian Rear Guard regulations in the U.S.

TSC and victim spokesperson statement supporting stiff low-speed industry underride guard: “The Truck Safety Coalition commends companies that take a proactive approach to promoting safety through smart purchasing decisions. Truck Safety Coalition volunteer and underride advocate Nancy Mueleners said, “I am glad that J.B. Hunt is equipping their trailers with an improved rear guard. Introductions of rear guards using new engineering approaches are a much-needed safety improvement that will prevent injuries and save lives.””

In the past several years, the truck Safety Coalition has been allowed to restrict access from trucking victims and other safety groups to the FMCSA through their monopoly of the victims boards, FMCSA benefits as they support trucking unions issues and do not anger car makers by overly pushing underride and illegal truck parking that would reduce industry campaign donations. In several speeches to Congress on trucking safety issues in the past few years the Truck Safety Coalition and Advocates refused to mention underride, underride victims, underride guards and illegal truck parking all of concern to underride victims which are a majority of U.S. victims. They concentrated on fatigue an issue that at best represents less than 5% of trucking victims.

Roundtable will allow industry to promote side guards that only protect vulnerable road users and gain support for regulation that will legalize rear guards already on the road harming trucking victims in court for twenty years. It will allow continued killing of victims by illegal truck parking and national non-enforcement that has been promoted as fighting fatigue by saving fatigue victims while mass parking victims continue to die. Guards that work at real world speeds, crash tests at real world speeds (62.2 mph), and prevention of underrides through safe parking and enforcement will once again be ignored by U.S. safety groups and by the media that promotes truck safety propaganda.