Underride Crash Test Event scheduled for March 26, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

IIHS Side guard crash testWe here at the Underride Network do not generally support non-energy absorbing underride guards as they are fairly worthless for protection at real-world speeds which are around 66 mph here in the U.S., when you extend underride guards out from the trailer and add energy absorbing material or piston style tubes and then shape the interaction of the vehicles with curved ends on the guards or cones to spin the colliding vehicle you can protect cars at high real-world speeds. Side underrides are a different situation here in the U.S., we have zero required side underride protection. Basically trailers are designed to rip the heads off of people and colliding vehicles at very low-speeds so as to do little or no damage to the valuable trailer. Kill a family and drive away! Because of this dire situation we here at the Underride Network have supported stiff guards such as the Angel Wing guards that at least provide some good low-speed protection for side underrides. These crashes often can include lane changing glancing collisions that even a low-speed guard could provide good protection for. They of course work for bikes, motorcycles, and pedestrians.

Underride Crash Test Event scheduled for March 26, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

SAVE THE DATE DC Underride Crash Test

Title: Benefits of side underride guards for semitrailers
(Angel Wing guard versus no guard test at Youtube)

Title: The difference a well-designed underride guard can make
(Low-speed stiff guard test at Youtube, we would add better in place of well-designed as these guards are 1950’s guard designs and we demand that all guards should be legally required to be tested at real-world speeds (66 mph and above) to improve performance like with cars crash tested to improve manufacturer designs for increased sales).

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