Trucking unions and insurance industry should control trucking victim activism in the U.S.?

There is in excess of one million trucking victims in the U.S., whom asked all victims if they could speak for us? If anyone including myself claims to speak for this broad group of citizens they are lying! Big money speaks and individual victim voices do not matter, if your issue conflicts with power-grabbing or big-money-raising you will be silenced and discarded. Fatigue is an issue with big money and industry support and with a hidden agenda that should concern truck and car crash victims as ultimately it is car drivers and their fatigued driving and their right to litigation that is under attack. Fatigued truck drivers are involved in about 3 or 4 percent of crashes that kill car drivers, most fatalities in truck driver fatigue crashes are truck drivers! Truck drivers are the vast majority of victims, it is a legitamate working condition and workplace safety issue and receives support from the rich and powerful trucking unions and thousands of drivers. Support 100 times richer and louder than trucking victims and safety advocates. This imbalance results in near 100% of victim money and influence put forward towards this single issue leaving virtually nothing for other trucking victim issues. It has probably guaranteed an end to underride and parking safety in the U.S.

I presented a paper against tort reform in Washington State around 30 years ago for the Legal Services Administration. We lost that fight as the insurance industry lied to Washington State citizens and to all Americans that these laws would lead to massive cuts in insurance costs, instead as we argued rates would climb and boy did they climb! These laws were used to cheat my children of justice just as they cheat a majority of truck crash survivors of their right to litigation for in many cases purposeful killing of their loved ones! The U.S. insurance industry has lobbied for the stealing of billions from American road crash victims and has ended the ability of victims voices to end decades of killing. They have the money and they have the speech, they can meet and lobby the President and Congress and control the messages from big media. If you disagree with their anti-safety efforts they shut you down and shut you up! After 20 years of active efforts in improving trucking safety and the loss of my wife and a life-long family friend to underride crashes they stopped me from electronic participation in the so-called Underride Roundtable, an industry friendly charade! They not victims will decide the future of underride guards in the U.S., industry will be forgiven for killing by lack of high-speed safety devices and victims will ultimately lose what is left of their right to sue! Low-speed crash tests which prove guards can protect in the least dangerous crashes are used to end any efforts for real world crash safety as the success of guards in these phony tests make them look very good to a propagandized American public.

The insurance industry has now forgiven the trucking industry of any fault in underride crashes, they did what they morally had to do to mitigate crashes. That leaves the search for fault elsewhere, remember tort reform! Victims with partial fault in crashes must be banned from gain or participation in lawsuits and most crashes are caused by car driver fatigue, intoxication, or inattention! No safety devices to save these errant drivers and their passengers and removal of their right to sue for any shared fault, whom wins here? Victims die and families are bankrupted sometimes for generations, there is zero charity for orphaned children and the life-long disabled, the insurance and trucking industry save billions! They do have a long-term view and goal for their industries. Victims and the public consume propaganda from safety agencies and so-called trucking victim lobbies that lobby against truck parking safety while promoting fatigue only safety that will ultimately hurt victims and destroy the only safety equipment that might have saved future victims in real world high-speed truck crashes.

The rich and powerful trucking unions can handle fatigue safety efforts and do not need to sap all of the miniscule victim resources. Lane scan and obstacle detection technology in big trucks will virtually end fatigue caused crashes with cars and also end many of the drive off the road crashes which kill so many truck drivers. Car drivers will still crash into trucks for many years and without high-speed guards continue to die. Insurance companies will continue their war against victims and against high-speed guards and crash testing that should be done at NHTSA not by an anti-victim industry. The insurance industry should not choose which victims and advocates are allowed to speak in underride safety. CRASH banned truck parking victims from participation at government truck parking forums, removed their online posts and threatened expulsion for asking truck driver members to please obey the few truck parking safety laws that exist. They have never promoted partial fault victims rights and stood silent as MADD removed passengers of drinking drivers families right to sue for their loved ones deaths even though massive shared fault lead to these deaths! Victims with partial fault are the vast majority of trucking victims and they are not allowed to speak or be representatives for The Truck Safety Coalition that claims to represent them!

Propaganda and hidden motives and pursuit of funding or jobs over victims rights and lives! Media have promoted this anti-victim propaganda from false voices for decades! The perfect victim speaks and all others must fall silent and cry alone! I lobbied in D.C. for CRASH years ago when the Underride Network was a part of that organization. We were ordered to stay silent on underride issues and only speak about fatigue and big trucks! Our employee organizer ordered us to disobey this objectionable order to silence and remove the right to speak from victims and we did disobey, she was later fired from CRASH! Lawmakers only wanted to hear about underride issues, they were quite excited to actually hear real victims issues and voices. My Senator Patty Murray even asked me to appear on camera with her. We had a camera crew follow us through the capital offices, one congressional staffer fell off his chair onto the floor in shock when he saw our news crew. The support we were promised soon disappeared, only words! We stopped lobbying after that facade! We eventually were kicked out of CRASH and I was told they had very few underride victims and many truck drivers. Money and numbers speak and spoke against us! How dare we ask other members to obey parking laws and the simple truth and fact was they had money and we did not! Truth can and does get bought and sold in the U.S.A.

Article linked below attacking distracted car drivers which are a majority of trucking victims according to our government agencies and forgiving roadside truck parking. Lists safety groups and trucking safety advocates as supporting this “blame the victims movement” while not promoting safety improvements in vehicles to mitigate errant driver behavior and calling this blaming of only driver behavior Vision Zero which is actually the opposite of this philosophy. People feel superior bad mouthing victims and in so-doing continue the dying! Alcohol interlocks in cars that detect pot too, less touchscreen distraction in vehicles, fatigue warning alarms and sensors, technology to stop texting in moving vehicles, lane scan for lane changing and to stop side of road or drive off road crashes, obstacle detection to stop fatigue and distracted crashes including for pedestrians, triangles and high-speed underride guards, and cars that survive crashs at 60 mph! Blaming only those distracted and errant drivers sounds good, facist prison terms salve your hatred and lust for revenge, but saving lives requires multiple solutions and multiple culpability to be shared by industry such as insurance and trucking and automotive, government safety regulation and testing, roadway design and speed limits, proper enforcement and safety campaigns, vehicle and phone design, and allowing lawsuits to improve behavior of all parties. This is the true vision zero. I would recommend that victims not blame other victims for their own deaths, enough of this better victim than you activism!

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