Truck Parking Safety Truth versus Made Up Parking Shortage

We have seen some renewed discussions of truck parking safety in the U.S. which usually involves giving forgiveness for killing lots of victims and speaks of the hassles of parking shortages with the only laments to victim truck drivers and truck driver safety. There is a reason why parking victims are never invited to government and industry symposiums on truck parking safety, they bring up truck parking victims! Congress made the issue truck driver safety when the vast majority of victims are car drivers in rear underride crashes. The issue is simple, there is an parking shortage that is created by industry refusing to purchase the parking spaces required to operate businesses in the shipping and receiving industry. They want the public to pay for the parking required to operate their profitable businesses.

Consider this, what if apartments were allowed to be built without parking spaces? What would happen? People would park on the streets causing a traffic hazard and public nuisance. Why do local ordinances not require sufficient parking spaces to operate these businesses in a safe and non-nuisance manner? Does your city or county allow these unsafe businesses? Shippers and receivers can be some of the wealthiest and most influential businesses in a county overwhelming local politicians with undue influence. The solution, national legislation requiring trucking industry businesses to supply adequate spaces to operate their businesses including accessible off-hour parking for shipments that arrive overnight.

In the meantime, truck rear underride guards in the U.S. are only effective at preventing fatal crashes to 25 mph. If you cannot find safe off street legal parking, then you should only park on low-speed roadways not to exceed speeds of 25 mph. Never park on highways or on on-ramps or off-ramps unless broken down as these locations involve speeds which are fatal in crashes with cars. Always place triangles and light your flashers. Follow these safety tips and mass deaths with parked trucks will stop.

We recommend counties with parking shortages set aside 25 mph roads in safe well lit areas for free truck parking and provide signs that will direct truck traffic to this available safety resource.