The U.S. allows killing by parked truck on Interstate Highways!

How would you like your family to be killed by an unsafe parked truck and have local media proclaim the truck legally parked and government officials refuse to even issue a parking ticket. This is an common occurrence in America, as corporate and union political donations and power equal more than citizens lives in government safety calculations. Interstate and ramp parking of big rigs is 50% fatal in crashes and non-emergency truck parking kills more car drivers than truck driver fatigue, we believe it is statistically more dangerous than drinking and driving and this most dangerous act is committed sober and usually with forethought! The U.S. government allows the states to determine if Interstate highway non-emergency truck parking is allowed or enforced. Interstate high-speed truck parking usually occurs while private truck parking spaces are available, it is absolutely not fatigue related but is more an act of free parking and laziness. The U.S. government does not invite or allow U.S. truck parking victims to be partners in the issue of U.S. truck parking, only powerful lobbies are allowed to participate at all. The U.S. government does not promote safe parking practices at all! The U.S. government has killed thousands by allowing Interstate non-emergency truck parking. Demand the U.S. government make non-emergency truck parking illegal on all Interstate Highways and ramps and issue an immediate order to all states to enforce laws on illegal truck parking which are openly not enforced causing thousands more deaths. Demand the U.S. government recommend pre-trip planning include safe parking locations and provide best parking practices for truck drivers and trucking companies. Stop the killing!

Always Place Triangles!

Park on shoulders only in emergencies!

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