Should we honor a quarter of a million trucking victims this Memorial Day Weekend?

Over a quarter of a million Americans have lost their lives over the course of trucking history in America. This Memorial Day weekend maybe we should take a moment to honor so many whom have given their lives for the cheap delivery of goods for all of us. When we fail to remember those whom have paid the price for us we cannot do better in the future. The sad truth is it would have been cheaper to make trucking safe in the beginning and to not have lost so many of our fellow citizens so needlessly. The government safety site so many of us lobbied for in the U.S. does not even mention trucking victims on their front page and still refuses to acknowledge underride as an important safety issue or that underride victims even exist. How do you promote safety and fight victim blaming while pretending these men, women, and children never existed! We have seen no charity for those orphaned by unsafe trucking and no public interest safe parking or underride guard safety campaigns. So many lost, let us in their memory and honor promise to do better and promote safer trucking. Is your countries DOT honoring and remembering victims? Without victims there is no reason or motivation to make things better.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) this Memorial Day and every day honor victims on your front page to promote safer trucking as your mission demands. Charity for those orphaned by unsafe trucking would be a good first step!