Should all pedestrians be clad in lime green? Article at Treehugger!

We have talked about the advantages and life-saving qualities of flourescent reflective colors such as lime-green. White is the brightest color but lime-green has special visual power especially during daytime hours. You get near the brightness of white and better visual recognition. The article quotes “lime green with a wavelength of 555 nanometers is the most visible colour of all because it is “the point at which the greatest number of cones of your eye are stimulated the most.”

We have also frequently spoken against victim blaming that so many government and so-called advocacy groups are using in their phony “Vision Zero” campaigns. We encourage activities that improve personal safety but denounce victim blaming or demands that all safety must be mandated. We have always asked for a moderate balance of safety versus freedom and common sense. We demand colors on reflective tape that work, why bother with dirty red that has near zero visibility when older or covered with road film. Trucks are dangerous industrial machinery allowed in the public sphere and operated in the vicinity of children. If we have tape and reflectors on big trucks why not have colors that work including improving visibility during the day. These colors are for new trucks only so the old Clinton Administration argument that has cost so many lives so needlessly is mute, “trucks are already using red tape so it is cheaper to keep the current color”. New trucks could add new colors that have the best flourescent colors to go with their logos and corporate identity, red is ugly and is no longer recognized as a safety color and red dot confusion on our roadways is real! Common sense over political status quo that serves only raising the cost and number of truck crash fatalities. We could use more effective colors for reflectors, Too!

Dangerous industrial machinery has a higher standard of care than pedestrians or bike riders need and unprotected road users have added questions of freedom and affordability. Commercial users of our public roadways have higher demands and can afford added costs. We want to encourage more walking and riding not only to save energy but to combat obesity and increasingly unaffordable healthcare. In cases where we want to protect personal freedom we promote increased use of safety devices or technology and ask that victims not be blamed or held accountable for crashes due to not using the latest thing. We want shared responsibility and common sense, “Vision Zero” not a mandated safety based authoritarian oversight. We can require brighter colors and bigger sizes of reflectors for all vehicles including bicycles and suggest the safety advantages of reflective and bright colors of clothing for unprotected road users. We can find a balance to make our society safer and we as consumers have been willing to pay for reasonable safety for many years. Too many ears have been closed when in fact we have asked for very little.

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