Our leaders often make the wrong arguments to maintain talking points!

We are having an interesting discussion over at Treehugger (One way to reduce truck terrorism: design less dangerous and deadly trucks and make them hard to get). Check it out and feel free to comment there or here!

I have felt for years our politicians and organizations often make losing arguments and points to maintain talking point lists rather than to be effective in their argument or to be inclusive of all issues and interested parties. As a disabled citizen and activist I am often hurt by both Democrats and Republicans referring to hard-working good people in their arguments while ignoring millions of disabled that are unemployed and want to be so-called good hard-working people! We stopped enforcing disability discrimination laws about 20 years ago! Anyway, over at TreeHugger I seem to be meeting the same discussions we have had here with trucking interests for years about how safety impinges on individual freedom and individual freedom has no cost to the rest of us! I argue that increased safety will end monopoly corporate control of society and increasing higher prices for everything from housing, energy, transportation, healthcare and entertainment, ETC. We talk about large arguments such as global warming that are hard to explain in simple terms and lose any way to move forward with improvements, even small changes. We used to argue for clean air for its own sake, remember the crying native American! Remember millions, yes, millions of asthmatic children in the U.S., some of our disabled and forgotten population! Remember, entire Eastern forests decimated by acid rain and think about our present return to coal-fired plants! Remember black lung and decimated communities from black coal rivers and millions in lost tourist revenue! Has arguing only for global warming and forgetting about the sick and disabled and simple pollution worked for us! NO! WE protect resources and the environment and people because these actions save us money and protect our freedom as a people! Does impinging on your minor personal freedom or more correctly causing you any personal annoyance infringe on our collective freedom, HELL YES! Media have ignored our stories to maintain their corporate sponsors in many cases, ignored the powerless including poor and disabled citizens, and ignored critical parts of harm caused by large problems to maintain simplistic talking points. They are dumbing us down and killing us in the process! Please join in and share your thoughts and any solutions!