More will die from unsafely parked trucks this holiday season!

The Underride Network has worked to promote truck parking safety for twenty years and safety improvements are still hard to find. Truck and trailer rear underride guards are still only effective at preventing fatalities in crashes at 25 mph or 40 kph and kill or maim in higher-speed crashes. People and entire families are still dying in parked truck crashes! In the U.S., it is still legal to park a big truck or trailer on Interstate Freeways where speeds are high enough to virtually ensure fatalities in the inevitable crashes, this is legalized homicide and a moral disgrace for our lawmakers! State police agencies openly brag that they refuse to enforce those few life-saving truck parking laws that do exist! The falsehood has been put forth in U.S. media that waking illegally parked or unsafely parked truck drivers would pose a fatigue hazard, ignoring the fact that illegal truck parking is just as hazardous as drinking and driving. We are unaware of any truck crashes from waking up illegally parked truck drivers and escorting them to a safe parking location, we do cry for thousands of lost trucking victims that died because trucks were parked carelessly or even with disdain for public safety.

We ask you to browse our victims memorial page for the Asam family at .  While trucks and trailers break down and must be parked on high-speed roadways there is no excuse for parking deliberately on roadways above 25 mph or 40 kph with trucks and trailers designed to kill at higher speeds. If your truck must be emergency parked immediately light hazard warning flashers and place emergency triangles or lit flares or both. Call for assistance including police to warn oncoming traffic. You must have the truck repaired and moved or towed as soon as possible, the crash lane is an impending hazard for all parked vehicles. We ask that before you park a big truck or trailer or pass and ignore an illegally parked rig that you take a moment and remember the story of the Asam family and remember a little girl who watched her family die in a violent and unnecessary crash. Deep down in your heart vow that you will never allow this to happen again! Park your truck and trailer on a low-speed roadway or in a rest area and place warning devices, call law enforcement to report illegally parked trucks, and or enforce truck parking law and escort illegally parked rigs to a safer location. Demand all parked trucks light flashers and place warning devices such as triangles. Demand Congress in the U.S. make it illegal to park trucks on Interstates and criminalize just like the similarly dangerous crime of DUI the illegal parking of trucks without warning devices that result in death or serious injury. You can kill with an illegally parked truck with no warning devices and not receive a ticket or fine and in many cases not even lose your job! Please this holiday season just take a moment and remember the Asam family and so many others needlessly lost to illegally parked trucks!

Drive safely this holiday season and use designated drivers if you are celebrating. Peace to all whom mourn over the holidays, we promise to remember!