More will die needlessly due to unsafe guards and parking safety regulations this holiday season!

More will die needlessly due to unsafe underride guards and unsafe and immoral parking safety regulations this holiday season. Car manufacturers and truck and trailer manufacturers lobby lawmakers to continue the legality of unsafe equipment and almost zero regulation of often fatal common parking practices. Companies lack any comprehensive parking safety training and do not include training in their company manuals.

Trucks and trailers have useless under-sized reflectors and lamps (cars have much larger and brighter reflectors and turn signals and brake lights), 1950’s designs of underride guards (actually guard designs were much stronger decades ago and have continually become weaker),  low reflectivity tape colors (red) which is decades old technology to save trucking corporations pennies (flourescent colors like lime-green are hugely brighter with much higher candle-power and are more visible during daytime hours). Once again lawmakers legalize killing of citizens with last centuries technology.

It is still legal to non-emergency park on high-speed interstate highways in the U.S. even though speeds above 25 mph raise the risk of crashes from injury causing to fatality. There is still no requirement for lane scan technology to fight most fatigue deaths from drive off the road or lane violation crashes. There are still no regulations to require pre-trip planning of parking to end parking shortage problems and end most parked truck fatalities. There are still no criminal penalties for parking law violation fatalities (staying in the cabin and refusing to help with safety equipment or rescue, or even allowing people to needlessly burn to death has zero criminal penalty)!!!!

There are no parking safety posters, or brochures, or web pages, or safety training from U.S. government agencies and U.S. trucking companies. They still refuse to acknowledge parking victims or underride victims even exist. They still ban parking victims as parties to any parking meetings or discussions or rulemakings. So-called safety groups are signing up more truck drivers than trucking victims which maintains the war on truck parking victims to maintain truck drivers rights to illegally park and kill. Safety groups have become nothing more than safety focused truck driver unions! They do not support law enforcement asking drivers to move illegally parked trucks! The insurance industry thru IIHS is still recommending last centuries stiff underride guards which kill rather than anger the trucking industry. Killer underride guards keep insurance rates and profits artificially high!!! U.S. media including television news, internet, and print media are asleep at the wheel and partners in these increasing and avoidable negligent homicides!!!

Changing arrival times with pre-trip planning would eliminate 3/4 of drivers looking for parking during the same evening hours, truckers and companies claim we must provide free parking rather than a simple change to their schedules. Reserve a parking space, yes, we have apps for this! Use only “Receivers of Choice” or pressure your receiver to provide 24 hour parking or to open during load arrival hours. Use apps or the telephone to check on availability of spaces during your planned arrival hours.

The sad results of all of this, it is actually cheaper to make trucks safe than to continue the killing due to paying higher insurance and health-care costs!!! Consumers pay higher rates to kill other consumers!!!

God bless the new victim families this holiday season and may you find some comfort and peace and justice! Our government will not admit that you even exist or admit that your loved one’s had a right to not be killed. Profit at all costs,  even if it is just a transfer of costs of doing business to the general public!

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