Media censorship or good victims versus bad victims

The Underride Network is now an truth in safety victim published truck safety news blog. We were not officially invited to the Underride Roundtable and due to health reasons were not able to attend as audience members. We have been unable to view online feeds to report on the gathering for unknown reasons.

We have tried to post at an Truck Safety Coalition Board members site on the Roundtable gathering but our posts have not been posted.

We were ordered to not talk about the TSC by an TSC Board Member.

“As Volunteers for the TSC we are asking you to stop talking about the TSC and CRASH.”
From TSC Board Member

In the past, we felt Underride Network members were slandered by an TSC Board member and posts at the CRASH website asking truck drivers to obey the law and place safety triangles were taken down and we were threatened with expulsion from CRASH for criticizing truck driver members. An TSC Board Member has also called this claim a lie, but we save our emails.

Losing loved ones evidently in the Truck Safety Coalitions eyes does not buy you access to comment on trucking safety issues or to participate in the conversation or events or government victims panels. It does not provide you freedom of the press to cover trucking safety issues. These so-called victims organizations that ban unapproved victims which seem to be partial fault victims, which are 3/4 of and a majority of trucking victims, only push forward approved victims issues and block all unapproved victims issues.

CRASH has publicly proclaimed since 1992 that only energy absorbing guards are safe and not guillotine guards. That has now changed and now praise is heaped on stiff non-energy absorbing low-speed guards that will force cars to absorb almost all of the crash energy in crashes, ending for twenty years efforts at crash compatibility. These awards and praise of stiff guards will be used without mercy against truck crash victims in court. See below:

“The Truck Safety Coalition commends Greer Woodruff for his strong commitment to advancing truck safety during his 28 years at J.B. Hunt. In particular, we want to recognize his support for his company’s forward-thinking purchase of 4,000 Wabash trailers with enhanced rear underride protections,” said John Lannen, Executive Director of the TSC. “The improved underride guards are engineered to prevent underride crashes at higher impact speeds and various overlap percentages. J.B. Hunt is one of the first companies to adopt this new protection for its trucks. Implementing stronger rear guards to reduce truck crash injuries and deaths will serve as a leading example for the industry.”


The Underride Network will be reporting on trucking safety issues in spite of lack of access and efforts to silence our voices, our loved ones gave their lives to give us the right to speak out and to participate in solutions.