Lack of regulation of smaller utility trailers

There have been thousands of unecessary deaths and injuries due to often unregulated utility trailors. Failure of unregulated or uninspected trailer hitches can launch heavy utility trailors as flying projectiles on our roadways. Trailers can be home built with lack of knowledge of the dangers involved of trailors or of the safety features proper construction and proper materials. Trailor hitches can be finicky and most home users are untrained to safely hitch a trailor. When a hitch fails to latch it can visually only present half an inch of clearance fooling untrained or inexperienced users that it is properly latched. Lack of regulation of hitches makes all important the safety chains that are the last line of defense of a runaway trailor. Unfortunately, many states do not regulate the number or thickness of safety chains. You need to make sure you have two safety chains attached when you hitch a trailor, they must be thick and strong to hold your weight of trailor. You should have proper reflectors and working tail-lights and reflective tape for larger or night operated trailors. Poorly visible trailors are driven into as invisible hazards and have lead to many deaths and injuries.

We need better regulation in all 50 states.

Trailors should be inspected when licensed or at tag time.

Hitches and chains should be safety regulated.

Government should publish safety training for safe hitching of trailors and have warning PSA’s.

Make sure your ball is seated all of the way down to avoid hitch failure.

Always use two safety chains.

Add reflective tape to be super safe!

Check tires and lug nuts.

Make sure your hitch pin is installed and locking your hitch!