Insurance industry propaganda!

IIHS recognizes semitrailers with good underride guards!

It turns out that while real safety advocates have been concerned about crashes into trucks at highway speeds, it is really crashes into trucks on low-speed roadways we should be concerned about! IIHS has the audacity to issue safety awards to trailer manufacturers for building rear underride guards that fail to exceed the safety of guards that existed in 1992! Australia and Brazil have energy absorbing underride guards, the only kind that work in high-speed crashes, that are effective in crashes up to 50 mph. They have existed since the 1990’s. The insurance industry wants to con the American people that 50-year-old stiff guard technology is good protection for their loved ones. Will they testify in court against trucking victims killed in 40 mph crashes that guards were good enough, in a way, yes! Their award and The Truck Safety Coalition’s similar award for killer 50-year-old stiff underride guards will speak loudly in court against underride victims! Shame! What’s next, awards for 3 mph car bumpers?

You will find the top link on Google for underride guards leads you to a page at They lobbied for a new 30 mph underride guard regulation for America and have led this charge for low-speed stiff underride guards. Trucking victims in America have stood for only energy-absorbing guards since 1990 and this site and The Truck Safety Coalition are claiming victory in ending this life saving effort by victims for 25 years. They are touting the Truck Safety Roundtable that excluded this 25 year underride guard advocate from attending the online version. Excluding victim voices that disagree seems to be the new corporate safety advocacy! They have given forgiveness to trucking companies for the deaths and injuries for over a million victims in America, this is one victim that will yell loudly, “not in my name”. Energy absorbing guards save lives at all speeds and in all crashes, stiff guards kill at most crash speeds! Shame!

Activist applauds Stoughton for tougher guards

The new truck safety means our corporate media celebrate only advocates that endorse old technolgy that was fought by U.S. victims for 25 years! Shame! “Not in my name”!