Insurance companies versus cost and safety

Much of the political discourse in the current U.S. election centers on the issue of the value of reliance on insurance institutions to pay for, litigate, lobby on, and control the issue of safety in almost all areas of our lives. Should we pay a fee or percentage of all spending for private companies to basically manage the paperwork of safety or healthcare or advances in technology and legal actions and even our laws and public information on all of this? When did the people vote to place so much of our basic rights and values in the control of corporations that do not answer to us and often lobby against us spending millions to control our lawmakers and media access? Do we need to pay a third or more of our resources for services that could already be served for zero added cost by existing government bureaucracies?

Do we need to add 30% or more to the total cost of healthcare, insurance has allowed the annual rise in costs above the increase in the public’s ability to pay, and has maintained rising doctor salaries while public incomes shrunk or remained stagnant for decades. This middleman hides the true cost of services and maintains political control of the public perception of the true costs of services through lobbying of politicians and income to media corporations through the support of advertising revenues. Simpler terms help us visualize this process such as with oil and the subsidy given to U.S. companies for American oil reserves and the exclusion of costs such as trillions in increased defense spending for the middle east and probably for most of the increase in world terrorism and forced and expensive mass migrations and cleanup of massive environmental damage. Is oil the cheapest energy available, is coal and it’s environmental costs a cheaper alternative source? When you add ten trillion or more to the costs of oil as an energy source it becomes the most expensive energy resource by far! We have similar issues with cheap goods from China, up front we see small savings in prices for mostly electronic goods saving most of us a very few dollars per year. We then suffer massive trade deficits of $600 billion a year and loss of intellectual property estimated at similar annual losses, basically trading our economic future and jobs and military security. We forget we are having to spend trillions extra to defend against mostly China for the foreseeable future. It is thought that we can no longer defend Taiwan as our dependence on expensive missiles and planes has allowed China to build masses of missiles to overwhelm our defenses.

Consider the downing of our $130 million dollar drone in the middle east, supposedly missile proof and shot down by a third world country’s missile. Would we have been better off to build 130 drones costing a million each and having some stealth technology and simply launching another drone when one is shot down? China simply does not have our costs in the fight for the future of technology and the costs of world freedom and it’s defense. China can cheaply train a million engineers and then put them to work in the military as virtual slave labor for a dollar a day, we will lose this battle. They have zero development costs, our military contractors still place our most dangerous technology online for all to steal! Our latest plane designs are flying in China right now, they are shooting down satellites, they are probably examining drone debris from the Iranians shoot down of our drone, they are leading in AI technology and increasingly in new energy technology much of it stolen from Europe and us and the Japanese, they are launching cheap aircraft carriers and submarines, they have built 600 miles plus of underground tunnels with hidden purpose and technology in violation of our mutual assured destruction policies that have maintained world peace, they have swarms of robot drones operational now, and they are positioned to lead in automotive technology and prescription drugs. We cannot fight back as defense hurts soybean farmers? The cost of cheap Chinese goods is a hundred times more expensive than American or any non-hostile country’s products and yet our media and politicians demand this continued economic and military slavery, China simply spends the added profit, that 1.2 billion plus in profits from unfair trade and theft towards military world domination in the next decades and century.

We have similar untruths in trucking safety and similar corporate funding of a system designed to continue benefit to the few while causing harm to those paying the true costs. We have an insurance industry paying millions to politicians and even more to media companies in advertising. They maintain an army of legal talent to devastate victims in court with few resources and emotionally defenseless. Law is written by agencies controlled by campaign donations to politicians, agency heads chosen from industry lobbyists, and even State Patrol Captains and transportation safety law enforcement taking jobs on retirement in industry. Our safety is in the control of industry through think tanks like the Insurance Institute (IIHS) that only test technology that is never tested to failure. They have introduced incrementalism into our search for safety and health technology holding us back in a future that may have zero growth as the Chinese and others own the markets. The cure of diseases or the end of injury and death in our society would end the industry, success means their death, these are the protectors of life and health in America. They have replaced the government in protecting our lives, health, future, and even our human rights.

IIHS crash tests vehicles in very low-speed tests designed to allow easy passing scores or easily remedied failures that can be trumpeted upon success and even given awards. Even as these substandard technologies continue killing American victims, these technologies were given awards even though in 1970 better technology existed on our roads. Improvement is an incremental improvement that fits with automotive companies slow release of improved technology each year, saving some held-back for next years profit and sales campaigns. The insurance companies increase profits modestly with these slow safety improvements while maintaining their industry’s continued existence. They decrease their costs for this poor and held-back safety by defeating victims in court with laws padded against victims and thus passing along the cost of incremental safety to victims and the general public. They fund and include some victims willing to trade the lives of other victims for access to public view with crash tests and national publications and access to insurance controlled national media conglomerates. Safety groups like CRASH or the Truck Safety Coalition give awards for stiff underride guards that only protect victims in low-speed crashes and support low-speed testing of truck safety technology and even poorly performing automotive safety technology. We had energy absorbing underride guards in 1970 and knew including in industry testing that extending crush zones from the truck or car by only a foot and shaping the spin of colliding vehicles could protect occupants in very high-speed crashes. Thousands have died since! We had research vehicles in the 1970s that were trumpeted to virtually end highway deaths, they had foot thick foam crash cushions in the bumpers on the front, back and even the sides of the vehicle and these marvels of safety simply disappeared due to industry pressure. Why would we need expensive insurance in this brave new world, better to pressure government and media to hush this up and destroy the records and vehicles?

If all of this were not enough to provoke public outrage, they also control what healthcare is covered and for whom. The rich have good healthcare and often cheaper healthcare while the poor and disabled put off doctor visits due to cost with many dying from simple and curable health problems. If you become ill or are disabled in a crash they simply end coverage or lobby to remove legal and financial liability. Their army of legal experts simply destroy your family in court with costs bankrupting victims families for generations and all of this after they killed or sanctioned in law the killing of your loved ones. If they decrease the liability of big corporations with laws removing safety responsibility then they increase their profits. Why would we have companies responsible for our health, safety, and well-being that profit from the opposite outcome? We pay them 30% on top of all costs to increase our liability and even promote fatal outcomes for many of us!

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