Illegally parked trucks are still killing and maiming people and children in America!

We have been begging for 20 years for stiffer enforcement of truck parking laws and for government and so-called truck safety organizations to call for an end to deaths and crippling injuries from illegal truck parking! It is still legal to park on Interstate Highways in America with trailers having underride guards that kill at 30 mph being parked on roadways with 55 mph speed limits with most drivers exceeding those speeds. It is well-known that after horrible deaths from these crashes the media and questioned officers often falsely report the truck was legally parked! They do not check for road film on tape and reflectors, they often do not ask if required triangles were placed or placed correctly. They do not ask why a truck with a killer underride guard placed the motoring public at risk by voluntarily parking on a high-speed roadway! Why not park if you must on a lower speed road as your guard is only effective to about 25 mph? Why do trucks still have ineffective tape colors such as red when highly-visible fluorescent colors have much higher candle-power for the same cost? Why are truck reflectors less visible and smaller than reflectors on cars? Why do trucks not have low-power led lights that light whenever the truck slows on a hill or stops or parks maybe with solar cells on top of the trailer to power them? Why are trucks and trailers designed to 1950’s state of technology? Why are safety org’s so silent while this tragedy continues?

Trucking associations such as the ATA used to ask truckers to park safely but politics and safety organizations saying illegal parking was caused by fatigue and thus was all right put an end to any public safety efforts including from government whom still refuse to claim publicly that underride victims even exist! Millions of victims that died for cheaper shipping for all of us, shame on all of us! If you see an illegally parked truck turn it in, save a life! In the city trucks usually must be parked under street lights, trucks should always have emergency lights lit until required triangles are placed! Parked on a high-speed roadway even if legal inform authorities of the unsafe situation!

A little girl watched her mother burn to death under an illegally parked truck as the driver refused to exit the cab to give aid! He could have helped with on-board extinguishers and crow bars and he could have pulled the truck forward to pull the car away from the spilled fuel! Why is this not homicide, because parking victims are often called the criminals and so aid is not required! When safety groups and media are silent for twenty years this is what we get! Driver in the Asam case of course claimed the phony excuse of fatigue but in reality he had stopped on a high-speed roadway to urinate, he burned to death a family so he could piss!

Asam family Remembered

Unsafe Parked Trucks


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