Drug Resistant Bacteria killing over 20,000 people a year and growing!

This might not seem like the place for a post on drug resistant bacteria but it is increasingly risky to enter hospitals with open wounds. We have to start asking will the crash with the big truck or trailer kill you or the bacterial infection you caught while in the hospital? Big agriculture with help from their paid off government officials continues to pump antibiotics into our meat supply ignoring threats to world safety and even survival. This mass-produced meat supply has not only degraded the quality and taste of meat but is increasing costs to consumers through back door subsidies. We saw this same cost shifting with big oil, you think oil and gas are fairly low-cost but you forget about the costs of wars in the middle east, defending against terrorism, subsidizing U.S. oil supplies and oil companies, and rising asthma and healthcare costs from pollution. Oil when all costs are added is the most expensive form of energy with true costs closer to $10 a gallon. When you add up the costs of thousands of injured and dying patients and the hundreds of millions spent against antibiotic resistant infections in hospitals and elsewhere you realize our meat supply is becoming more not less expensive. More than 20,000 Americans die every year from antibiotic resistant infections with estimates that number could rise into the millions. While you lobby for safer trucks put in a good word to ban antibiotic use in healthy animals. Maryland was the second state today to ban this crime against humanity that benefits a few meat industry billionaires at the expense of all Americans.

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