Disabled rights and victims rights and media absence from any discussion!

If you are a child survivor of an underride crash, an illegal killing of one or both of your parents the law allows zero-cost for possibly life-long expensive mental and emotional health counseling. Lawsuits place such low-earnings potential for young parent victims that life-long lost earnings assessments might grant $6 per hour possible lifetime earnings. There is no additional expense for emotional or mental health damages in many states. My late wife’s lifelong earnings for losing 60 plus years of her life were assessed at less than $200,000. This from the start bankrupted us from any legal remedy and gave no rights to our children to legal recourse.

There is no charity for disability and mental injury due to truck crashes. Medicare or Medicaid may fund some counseling if you can qualify as disabled, takes years and thousands of dollars. They will not fund oxygen or a wheelchair type device but they will fund your Viagra! There is no help for legal expenses which can cost thousands of dollars which go uncompensated in most miniscule case settlements due to low-case value and bankruptcy of victim and survivor families. If you are in your fifties and lose a family member to a crash you are statistically likely to have a heart attack but these outcomes go uncounted, uncompensated, and completely ignored! They are not crash related even though statistically proven. Victims must pay the entire price for unsafe trucking in the U.S., insurance companies and leagues of million dollar lawyers and millions donated to politicians have seen to that! If you are getting older watch your stress and get that heart checked! What is your cholesterol level, remind your doctor many victims suffer heart disease and have them outline a plan of survival!

Disabled Medicaid ceased to exist in the 1990 ‘s and laws were passed to decrease the rights of victims in lawsuits thru shared responsibility. Insurance companies had lobbyists and victims did not! SSI and Disability are under attack, insurance companies fail to pay for increasing incapacities including mental health. Many doctors now refuse Medicare funding even though Doctor’s saleries kept rising while patients lost or their income remained stagnant for decades! SSI has an resource limit of $2000 that has not changed for many years with near zero cost-of-living increases. You cannot even save enough to buy your own oxygen, teeth, wheel-chair type mobility device, vitamins, medicines, or home health assistance. There is no work training or help with schooling for this once recognized minority with once recognized rights. 99% of disability discrimination claims with SSI are thrown out as fraud or untrue leaving very few to even be heard! If you are disabled you are a liar or an fraud at least to our government. If you ask for disability accommodation as the law allows they simply ignore your request, you cannot appeal if they do not respond, poor populations without legal representation are not a threat. Legal groups claiming to defend disabled civil rights now refuse to even talk to us, we are not real civil rights issues like race or creed. We are just disabled and asking for free handouts. No charity for you!

Disabled are the most abused minority of all groups and the most impoverished. We do not even exist in the media, when is the last time you heard disabled rights on the news, yet daily rights of racial minorities are discussed! There is no charity for the disabled from the multi-billion dollar trucking industry, or from truck driver organizations, or from government partners or programs. Most victims families are bankrupted and never receive a penny of compensation.


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