Dirty trucks and millions of asthmatic children ignored!

I was one of these disabled asthma kids growing up in America, millions of children
have a right to breathe in their own country! Big and dirty large trucks raise the cost
of shipping for all Americans! Why would we do this! Smaller more efficient and
cleaner trucks save money and provide cheaper shipping costs which means
increased economic activity! Stop stupid!

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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has made a big show of claiming it’s not up the agency
to “pick winners and losers.” So why—moments ago—did the agency make a decision
that gives special treatment to freight companies that have chosen to use old, dirty
engines over those that meet clean air safeguards? He just released a proposal that—if
finalized—would reopen a massive loophole for America’s worst polluting trucks. We
need to show overwhelming opposition to this disastrous decision.

Take action today, and tell Scott Pruitt: Americans want Clean Trucks Standards.

Here are the details of this latest attack on clean air:

“Glider trucks” are new freight trucks with an old, used engine—that can emit as much
as 40 times the pollution of modern engines. Despite making up only 5% of the trucks
on our highways, they contribute a third of the harmful pollution.

In 2016, EPA finalized standards requiring these super-polluting trucks to meet modern
pollution standards, closing a loophole that had previously let them pollute without limit.
Yet Pruitt is reversing this progress with a proposal to reopen the loophole.

According to EPA’s own estimates, reopening this loophole would result in as many as
6,400 premature deaths, just from truck sales through 2021. And by 2040, these
super-polluting trucks would be responsible for about 30 times the pollution caused by
the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal in 2015. So why take this reckless step?

The answer seems to lie in pressure from a few in this niche industry—including
Fitzgerald Glider Kits, America’s largest glider manufacturer, who met with Pruitt
behind closed doors at EPA Headquarters earlier this year.

Pruitt has picked them to be a winner—while forward-thinking companies that have
been working to adopt pollution controls lose out, putting their employees’ jobs at
risk along with our health.

Don’t let this stand: Take action today, and demand Scott Pruitt walk back this attack
on public health.

Thank you for standing with us,

Heather Shelby
Action Network Manager
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