Dark days for trucking victims and their issues!

We have to look harder to understand ulterior motives in trucking safety today. We have new government inspired Vision Zero like organizations cropping up, they are pushing behavior based fault rather than safety improvements to vehicles and roadways. They are not Vision Zero. They are ran by training organizations with products and training to sell and others seeking employment and other conflicts of interest. Political and financial gain must be looked at now, the pure safety or victim org. is a thing of the past. Is it too good to be true, why did they receive government funding and backing, industry support?

We have IIHS crash testing underride guards on the back of trucks at low-speed while most fatal crashes occur at high speeds. Removing fault from trucking companies for high-speed crashes would save the insurance industry billions and IIHS works for the insurance industry, not trucking victims nor the American people. Only the federal government and not big industry should be involved in crash testing for safety legislation.

We have the Truck Safety Coalition that has never supported strongly enforcing truck parking law and has pushed truck driver fatigue, an issue that affects only a handful of trucking victims and mostly affects truck driver safety and working conditions, a union issue. They have never supported partial at-fault victims which are a vast majority of trucking victims. They only use no-fault victims as their representatives. They need trucking union members and money and fatigue is the only working condition issue that truckers and unions strongly support except maybe free parking and permission to violate truck parking laws as they claim they will not be forced to drive fatigued, a lie. Look at issues and watch for back issues and ulterior motives.

We have trucking victims claiming to speak for all victims (over a million in America alone) publicly while silencing those whom have different viewpoints and not disclosing conflicting efforts for employment or personal power. Victims now are removing blame and moral fault for killing by companies agreeing to install cheap low-speed ineffective in fatal rear underride crashes guards. Guards designed to cheat and fool the American public that truck safety is a done issue and remove fault from companies, or to remove the right to moral anger and the right to sue from victims as companies have met very low minimum standards of safety. Cheap guards are murder, a few dollars more buys energy absorbing guards effective at high-speeds that will actually save lives and especially in partial-fault crashes reduce harm from driver error. Humans should not die for mistakes.

The Truck Safety Coalition now claims victims asking for only energy absorbing guards for 30 years were wrong and the killer trucking companies were right. Stiff guards cannot protect in crashes at high-speed, only energy absorbing guards can! There are different viewpoints. They have tried to silence us. We will not be silent! That is our promise to you. Look behind the group, organization, or spokesperson or even victim for ulterior or hidden motives before you give support or money. Things have changed. There is no group in America that supports the vast majority of trucking victims with partial fault that could have been saved by safety equipment, safer vehicle design, and better roadways. We are alone! We will speak for these forgotten victims here and keep speaking truth to power, promise!