Congress and underride victims and underride guards

Is the current Single-unit Truck rear underride guard rulemaking in the media, nope! Is Congress holding hearings on underride victims and underride guards and crashes, nope! When was the last time a major presentation or hearing was held on rear underride issues or guards in the U.S. Congress? Probably over 20 years ago! What trucking victim issues get covered? Fatigue and light coverage for bigger trucks. Fatigue crashes are about 3% of non-trucker trucking victims, trucks rarely hit cars as these crashes are in single digits. The public has been led to believe that solving this issue will solve truck safety. Most victims are in cars that hit trucks or trailers in non-fatigue crashes. Most victims are not members of the media’s beloved perfect victims, the victims you see on television. Most victims have some shared fault, people are human. Underride guards save everyone, not 3%, but 100%. Congress and media, we can handle the truth if you care to share it with us. People are dying and you are silent! Parked and stopped, slow-moving, and improper lane changes are the issues for rear underride and rear underride guards. Let’s talk!