News Release Update Number 315 Dangerous Trailers The First Death Of 2019

News Release Office 804-270-3727 Contacts Ron Melancon Cell 804-300-3925 Ron J. Melancon President 8898 Castle Point Drive Glen Allen, VA 23060 We will expose each and every political leader for doing nothing. Over 500 dead in 2018 and this is the first one for 2019 Working on this………getting the bug’s fixed…and … Read more

Comments: MASH Style Underride Guard Crash Tests

I am commenting as an American underrun victim/survivor and international  truck safety activist. I am a truck underride survivor so will be commenting on Vision Zero and Safe System, TUBS (Truck Underrun Barriers), and truck or trailer  mounted attenuators. I am also interested in safe and forgiving roadsides  and the types  of roadways and speeds … Read more

Guards tested in 1971 were better and stronger than current guards;view=1up;seq=1   “Properly designed energy absorbing (yielding) underride guard systems can provide the advantages of reduced accelerations and crush of the impacting vehicles, better control of crash energy dissipation, and lower loadings on the truck structure.” (Lower loadings on the truck structure means the frame and support structures can withstand the forces generated at … Read more