Disabled rights and victims rights and media absence from any discussion!

If you are a child survivor of an underride crash, an illegal killing of one or both of your parents the law allows zero-cost for possibly life-long expensive mental and emotional health counseling. Lawsuits place such low-earnings potential for young parent victims that life-long lost earnings assessments might grant $6 per hour possible lifetime earnings. … Read more

Insurance companies versus cost and safety

Much of the political discourse in the current U.S. election centers on the issue of the value of reliance on insurance institutions to pay for, litigate, lobby on, and control the issue of safety in almost all areas of our lives. Should we pay a fee or percentage of all spending for private companies to … Read more

Truck Parking Safety not the business of victims or the public.

Jason’s Law Truck Parking Survey Results and Comparative Analysis Jason’s Law, Industry only truck parking survey and study in response to the death of a single truck driver parking in an unsafe area while for years the danger to the public and the deaths of thousands of parking victims went ignored including to the present … Read more

The 20 year war on unsafe truck parking advocacy and parking underride victims from government and so-called safety groups!

I have been an activist for underride and truck parking victims issues for 30 years now and there is one story that has never been told! The ban on parking victims and their issues and why this has occurred. The simple fact is that truck drivers have always outnumbered victims, a million fatal and serious … Read more

More will die needlessly due to unsafe guards and parking safety regulations this holiday season!

More will die needlessly due to unsafe underride guards and unsafe and immoral parking safety regulations this holiday season. Car manufacturers and truck and trailer manufacturers lobby lawmakers to continue the legality of unsafe equipment and almost zero regulation of often fatal common parking practices. Companies lack any comprehensive parking safety training and do not … Read more

Warning for parking victims!

Coal truck with triangles

Today on the anniversary of my wife’s death I am thinking of the many injustices that can occur in the U.S. concerning truck parking enforcement. In many counties the trucking companies will be the largest employer giving generously to campaigns of prosecutors, sheriff’s and judges. It is common for high level law enforcement including state … Read more