Bigshot turns in illegal parked trucks and State Patrol must enforce!

It turns out it takes wealthy business owners complaining to get government and law enforcement to obey and enforce laws on the books. The business owner in the article linked to below saved lives. You can visit any fatal parked truck crash site and find a 25 mph roadway within two minutes drive. Useless rear underride guards on American trucks usually become fatal in crashes above 25 mph. Parking on a 25 mph roadway might still be illegal but it would not be fatal in crashes. These crashes statistically appear to be more dangerous than drinking and driving and this crime is committed by usually sober drivers. American courts and prosecutors and law enforcement usually will not even issue a parking ticket to these killers that know very well the hazard they are creating and the probable gruesome outcome. Many fatal crashes involve trucks that had drivers so lazy they did not even take two minutes to place safety triangles. When your friends child is killed because of one of these lazy and careless humans it breaks your heart! Law enforcement will leave these death traps in place to avoid trucking interest backlash. Ticket, follow to low-speed roadway, make sure parked with triangles placed, save a life! Enforce the law!