EXERCISE YOUR LOGIC! – Luis Otto Faber Schmutzler


In order to achieve a longer lifespan and to diminish human suffering, great progress has been made in automotive safety engineering, as well as in preventive and curative medicine. This has required large investments and BRAIN TIME. However, thousands of lives are still being lost or impaired every year, year after year, due to the stupid failure to regulate rear underride guards for trucks, as well as their rear conspicuity, which would require minimal investments and BRAIN TIME.

2-Safety engineering and the judicial system have common objectives for a better quality of life.

3-The logic of safety engineering coincides with the logic of justice.

4- The purpose of engineering is to construct a better world, beneficial to human life.

5- At the individual level, justice is that faculty of the human soul that enables each person to distinguish truth from falsehood. ( Bahá’u ‘ lláh )

6-Justice is the practical expression of awareness that in the achievement of human progress, the interests of the individual and those of society are inextricably linked. ( Bahá’u ‘ lláh )

7-Safety is the top priority of all engineering projects.

8- All engineering projects include safety factors and safety coefficients to compensate for unforeseen factors.

9- Safety is always a challenge for engineers and is therefore a compulsory requirement for all projects.

10- Safety is essential for approval of any engineering project.

11- Unsafe engineering projects are totally unacceptable

12- Safety is an intrinsic factor in engineering objectives.

13- Safety engineering is the science which deals with measures that can offer people a second opportunity to be alive, and therefore it deals with the right to be reborn.

14- From a practical point of view, safety engineering is as sacred as conception.

15-To the judicial system, foreseeability is the essence of culpability. Therefore engineering projects with foreseeable faults are automatically condemned, in the event of an accident with negative consequences for any person or entity.

16-Human fallibility will always exist and therefore can be never neglected in engineering projects. Safety engineering will always take this into consideration, since the results of engineering projects will be evaluated when undesirable events occur.

17-The judicial system obliges engineering to show concern for safety in all projects.

18- In a classic conceptualization, guilt is a voluntary conduct ( action or omission) that produces an antijudicial result, undesirable but foreseeable and occasionally even foreseen, which could have been avoided

19-On the road, each vehicle occupies some space, which creates an unavoidable dispute. All vehicles have the right to use public roads, provided that they do not present faulty safety features, thus representing a threat to other vehicles and their passengers.

20-When in motion, each vehicle has a large amount of kinetic energy, which can be transformed into forces with a very high potential for destruction.

21-Accidents represent losses of materials, human lives or quality of life.

22-Safety devices and other safety measures cannot be negligently studied or implemented, since this negligence results can result in death.

23-The higher the risks of loss of human life, the greater must be the precautions in designing safety devices.

24-Repetitive disastrous events are a sign that safety is being systematically neglected; therefore, the crime of omission is constantly occurring.

25-Passive safety devices do not avoid accidents, but they do have the noble function of protecting people involved in accidents, by diminishing the risks and the gravity of the consequences. They offer people a second chance to live.

26-Incorrect safety devices are criminal fraud that results in human losses.

27-Our silence when a crime occurs, whether by action or by   omission, makes us equally responsible . (Penal Code).

28-Conclusion: The fraud in passive safety devices, ( truck’s rear underride guard), is a crime worse than the fraud of medicines, just because you do not have time or chance to choose another alternative. The last thing a person sees just before dying, IN THE LAST FRACTION OF A SECOND, is exactly a faulty guard !


29-“Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all: the apathy of human beings”.

Helen Keller.

30-“The world is a dangerous place to live in, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who watch and let it happen”.

Albert Einstein.

31-The real cause of most of our great problems lies between ignorance and negligence”.


32-Why insist on the old mistakes, if there are many other new ones to be committed?

Bertrand Russel (1872-1970)

33-“If good people had the daring of the rabble, the world would be much better”.

Lord Crawford.


Luis Otto Faber Schmutzler
Civil and Industrial Engineer
Research Fellow
Unicamp Impact Project
Email: luisotto@correionet.com.br