All administrations have failing underride guard regulation safety grades!

Even though the current guillotine guard regulation occurred during the Clinton Administration all administrations since both Republican and Democrat have failed to attempt even basic safety regulation of underride guards. They have hired industry insiders to work in and lead their safety regulation agencies. The current effort to legalize the vast majority of underride guards already on American roadways does have an purpose. When you pass regulations that current guards already meet you decrease industry legal liability for crashes and decrease automakers liability for poor safety designs. You decrease pressure for improved and more expensive technology. NHTSA’s current claims of leading the implementation of obstacle detection technology follows recent history of regulating technology after it has already permeated the market. Subaru has commercials for their technology while no regulation exists. NHTSA is asking for a regulation that does not meet safety demands from trucking victims made in 1992 for the previous legalizing guards already on the roadways to cheat victims of their right to just compensation.