A handfull of victims do not have the right to forgive industry for over a million victims!

We have a few trucking victims and so-called trucking victim organizations claiming they have the right to not only forgive the trucking industry for high-speed crashes maiming and killing over a million Americans but the audacity to actually praise their complete lack of effort at safety. Victims are partnering with government and industry and pursuing funding and jobs without disclosing they have conflicts of interests to media and to the public. Media have been failing due diligence to investigate several industry and government efforts to steal the mantle of “Vision Zero” as an enforcement effort to punish violations of personal responsibility and not a call to focus on saving lives with shared responsibility and shared efforts. Low-speed crash tests at IIHS legitimize 50-year-old technology stiff underride guards, similar technology existed in 1970 but with heavier metals and failed then and now to protect automobiles in the most common fatal truck crashes which often occur at highway speeds not at 30 mph. We need energy absorbing guards as trucking victims the past 50 years have demanded! Big insurance should not have the right to over-rule American trucking victims, trailer frames and car bodies and human bodies cannot withstand the force of higher-speed crashes without the gradual deceleration and energy absorption of energy absorbing guards. Stiff guards would simply blow out most mounting hardware and unstiffened frames of trailers. When IIHS cheers the success of guards in 30 mph crashes when possibly 50 mph guards existed 50 years ago the public has been sold a falsehood and half truth! Media and trucking victims groups that actually represent truck driver victims have also participated in this great lie, heaping praise for 50-year-old guards!

We need scientific high-speed crash tests at FHWA at 61 mph to test guards at speeds real world crashes occur at. Guards will gradually improve to pass the tests. When IIHS gives easy to pass tests and unearned praise they guarantee an unsafe America with unimproved stiff guards for the next twenty years. Industry has zero motivation to spend any money to improve the 50-year-old technology and design of current guards which are murder on the highway to save pennies. Personal responsibility sounds good and raises money for organizations but statistically eventually fails to save more lives. There is a point of diminishing return and then you need other safety measures added to the mix. Underride guards save even errant drivers and more importantly their passengers which are commonly the majority of victims in these crashes.