A few facts to consider about the moral failing of no side guards on trucks and trailers in America

We often are not told how safety regulations are harmonized among countries to maintain the compatibility of their regulations and vehicles for commerce. We are not told that other countries look to the U.S. when formulating their own safety regulations. We believe Canada watered down their rear guard regulation in order to harmonize with weak and basically useless rear guard regulations in the U.S., we believe the E.U. has not drastically updated their long outdated side guard regulations due to lack of pressure as the U.S. with no regulation provides negative pressure for improvement. Law makers need support to risk rising costs to improve safety for their people. We believe the U.S. has moral responsibility for tens of thousands of excess deaths and injuries around the world for their negligent lack of regulation. Trucks and trailers are dangerous industrial equipment, would we place table saws without blade guards in the public domain around children, there is no difference to trucks without side bumpers. The rich trucking interests have been given a license to kill other citizens, period!

We now have evidence due to the tragic death of Joshua Brown that the incompatible gaps under trucks and trailers due to no side guards may lack adequate material to provide radar targets for object detection systems in many new cars. NHTSA and the NTSB should immediately investigate this new possible hazard. Trucks and trailers have a legal and moral responsibility to be compatible with other road users. Forcing cars to absorb 100% of the crash energy in crashes leading often to the deaths of car occupants is morally repugnant.

The vast majority of children killed in side crashes with trucks and trailers without side guards are killed in cars. Governments that fool the public with plastic barriers designed to mimic guards and not protect cars in crashes are regulating the deaths of children.

Trucks without side guards or bumpers do not give victims a fighting chance in crashes. We have an absolute right to have the safety systems in our vehicles engage when crashes occur. We have argued for years that vehicle crash compatibility is a human right, when bumper heights do not align then airbags and crumple zones and safety cages cannot protect us. Even our seat belts give little protection if any. Once again a license to kill. Once again no fighting chance for survival.

Stop this needless maiming and killing. Bumpers on cars should equal bumpers on trucks and trailers in a moral and equal and democratic society.

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