26th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

U.S. DOT states:

“Twenty-six years ago today, President George H.W. Bush signed into the law the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This landmark civil rights legislation prohibits discrimination and guarantees equal access to opportunity for persons with disabilities.

As Secretary Foxx has said, “The heart of the Americans with Disabilities Act is access to transportation.” At the Department of Transportation, we are committed to building a 21st century transportation system that is accessible for all Americans.”

It is not just about access to transportation as the U.S. DOT and unfortunately the American government would like. It is also about justice, equality, and safety and the precious nature of all human life. In America in the last decade we have seen the continuation of welfare reform which has virtually ended all welfare aid for the disabled in America. We have heard cries of too many disabled getting Social Security at the same time that workplace and societal discrimination are increasing. It is virtually impossible to successfully place a disability discrimination complaint with the U.S. Justice Department or other Federal Agencies. The ADA is known as the toothless law. Well, we got wheelchair ramps.

Trucks and trailers in the U.S. have created thousands of disabled in our country with most receiving no legal justice while facing life-long medical costs. So many head injuries, so many crippling injuries, so little care and support. The U.S. DOT refuses to support victims on their websites. They do not support charitable help for the disabled, the trucking industry provides nothing! SSI through inflation has dwindled to not support even the lowest rents in America. Energy absorbing underride guards will create fewer disabled in America and around the world.

We saw another terrorist attack against the disabled yesterday in Japan. It is time for everyone to publicly support the disabled and increase aid beyond far below poverty levels. Disability should not be a fast lane to poverty. Celebrate and at the same time lament that the Americans with Disabilities Act has very much failed disabled rights and disabled dignity thru ending poverty. We need better laws and the U.S. government must start protecting the minority rights of the disabled to be free of discrimination in America and around the world.