10 Investigates: Drivers Don’t Face Fines For Damaged Under-Ride Bars

Channel 10 in Columbus Ohio does an in-depth investigation of damaged and rusted underride guards on trucks and trailers in Ohio. They document multiple violations but find drivers and companies face zero fines. This is a national problem and law enforcement often pooh-pooh broken underride guards or dirty tape and lives are lost as a consequence. Ohio Congressman Bob Gibbs on the House Transportation Committee claimed they would look at the issue in January. We know better, looking back of course, that did not happen. He had more concern for what he called stakeholders, which does not include underride victims, trailer manufacturers which manufactured the poorly engineered guards in the first place.

Check out this important story at http://www.10tv.com/article/10-investigates-weak-guards-semi-trailers-blamed-hundreds-deaths-each-year